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The S.W.O.R.D. Inc. B-Series was developed to protect telecommunication and lab technicians from the hazards of high electromagnetic radiation (HERP). Radar and communication systems, which use high-power RF transmitters and high gain antennas, represent a biological hazard to personnel working on or in the vicinity of these systems.  



  • 200 Denier coated Nylon Flam Retardant Outer Shell
  • This fabric passes NFPA-701-2004 Flame Retardancy Test
  • Flame Certification available upon request
  • This fabric is Mildew Resistant
  •  Standard with Mil-Spec Type VIII webbing outer edging
  • Standard with Mil-Spec Type IV 1" webbing chain loops
  • For use in Military Aircraft NOMEX outer shell is available
  • Multiple application and sizing available
  • Hard Case for storage and transport
  • Independent Lab Test revealed higher levels of protection
  • Conductive Velcro lined edges available to create FARADAY 
  • Any size or configuration available
  • Standard hard Case color Graphite
 Shielding Performance:
  • Single Layer material
  • 100+ dB utalizing MIL-STD 285
  • Area of control 10 MHz to 18 GHz  


IED Blanket

To minimize collateral damage.
This program is being developed to deploy the IED Blanket via explosive ordinance disposal robot to impede remote detonation in high collateral areas.
* RF shielded IED Blanket may be combined with Kevlar to enhance ballistic performance.

RF Blankets and IED Blankets




The shielded wall and window curtains are designed to protect personnel working around high-power RF transmitters and high-gain antennas. Provides quick and easy shielding for static and mobile operations.  These curtains can be made in virtually any size.  This includes shielding of entire rooms, partitioned areas and windows. 


Protects Against: 


  • Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel (HERP)
  • Overexposure to RFR and is associated with an increase in overall body temperature or a rise in specific organs of the body
  • High-level electromagnetic energy can also induce electrical currents or voltages that may cause shocks or burns 




  • Grommets are installed for multiple mounting options
  • Curtains can be virtually any size (window size, inner connected, panels can be configured to specs)
  • Grounding straps are attached at the bottom of curtains
  • Traverse system
  • Magnetic strips to connect panels in place
  • Conductive Hook and Loop 
Shielding Performance:
  • Single layer material
  • 100+ dB utalizing MIL-STD 285
  • Area of control 10 MHz to 18 GHz