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EMI / RFI AirFrame Shelters


Large  EMI / RFI AirFrame Enclosure for Secured EDI
These structures, which can be the size of a warehouse or an aircraft hanger, combine AirFrame Technology with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding in excess of 95+ dB.  They are configured to rapidly deploy and provide a fast, uncomplicated, state-of-the-art shielded enclosure.  Our enclosures are tested to meet the highest military standards of quality and endurance, with an outdoor life in excess of 10 years and dozens of set up and strike cycles. Many of these structures are currently in use in the harsh desert and high desert environments of Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are treated to be fire-retardant. They are built to be able to handle snow load and high winds, with proper anchoring.
EMI Internal Material: 
* Ni Cu Ag Material
* 90+ dB, Materials are tested from 10MHz - 18GHz under Mil-STD-285
* Fire Retardant Interior White Walls
Standard Features:
  • 2 Roll-up drive-through doors with magnetic seals (one at each end)
  • 1 Side-entry man door with foyer (allows access while testing)
  • Waveguide Ventilation Ports (Honeycomb Panels)
  • Removable Power and Signal Plates per customer specification
  • Bulkhead Permanently Mounted Docking Rings
  • Fan forced Ventilation and Exhaust dual speed 120 VAC and connection sleeve
  • Power Line EMI Filter 2 x 30 AMP, 277 VAC with 14 gauge, 8 foot cord with 4 outlet box, built in circuit breaker
  • 1 set of multiple LED Rope lights sized for structure 
  • Additional Power and Signal Plates
  • EMI Hardened Lights (Jameson)
  • Additional Shielded Ventilation
  • Antimicrobial and EMI Available for Triage
  • Available in all sizes upon request to meet customers specifications
  • Antenna mounting panels for EMI tolerance testing
  • Many other options available 

ECS Hard Case

Foyer: An external foyer is added to provide the user with the ability to enter and exit without attenuation

failure during operations.  This allows for personnel to continue working with no interruptions or loss of information.









  •  Field Military / Embassy Use 
  •  Secure / TEMPEST Communications
  •  Radar jammer protection
  •  Electromagnetic Allergy / Electro smog
  •  Pre-compliance Testing
  •  EMI / RFI Shielding 



Why choose an AirFrame Shelter? 


  •  Fast set-up and strike time of any size shelter.
  •  Reduction in manpower for set-up time.
  •  No parts or tools required.
  •  Quick and easy to operate





  •  Inflatable AirFrameairframet.jpg.jpeg
  •   Manual Inflation Valves
  •   Electrical Pump 


Available in Man and Equipment Doors