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Antimicrobial Integration


Medical Litters 

Antimicrobial / Anti-Bacterial materials are now being integrated into various existing RF shielded products providing value-added features and adding functionality.  The following products are immediately available;
* Antimicrobial pouch and pack systems
They are lined with bacteria killing material, these fabrics receptacle systems provide clean and safe storage for anything that needs to be bacteria, mold, or fungus free.
* Antimicrobial wipes
They are made with bacterial killing material, these wipes will provide bacteria, mold, and fungus free cleaning ability for just about anything.  EPA tested and approved. Note: Can be used in conjunction with anti-microbial pouches where clean storage is assured as well as a clean external media.
*Antimicrobial tents
They are lined with bacterial killing material, these tents can be used in situations where additional clean space is required for medical / MASH operations. Virtually ant tent used for any purpose can be equipped to kill bacteria, mold, and fungus.

SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE Antimicrobial EMI FEMA AirFrame Enclosure
Other Options of Frames for Antimicrobial Enclosures:
  • AirFrame Shelters
  • Stand alone Enclosure
  • Portable Lab Enclosure

7 x 7 x 7 Anti-Microbial FEMA EMI AirFrame Enclosure
Professional Hard Case for secure & low profile travel

15' x 20' Anti-Microbial FEMA EMI Shelter


Confined Space Litter 

The Confined Space litter is a compact,field expedient, rapid extraction litter designed for conveying individuals from the 'point of injury' to the closest medical station where the injuries can initially be treated.  The Confined Space litter packs down to a very small cube, approximately 154 inches (14" x 11" x 1") when stowed.  The litter has a removable anti-bacterial / anti-microbial liner which inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes encountered when in contact with exuding wounds and the environment over time. 

** Tested both in the US and UK by Military Personnel.  Tested and approved in live trials on the battlefield.

Confined Space Litter in use

Confined Space Litter with anti-microbial liner

Confined Space Litter Not completely extended

Individual Soldier Litter (ISL)

The ISL has an aluminum covered liner to provide individual soldier carry for first line equipage.

* Battlefield litter

* Field shelter

* Thermal blanket

* Reflective signal aide

* Can be provided with removable anti-microbial burn trauma victim liner

Individual Soldier Litter


Individual Soldier Litter